2024 Web Redesign Project

2024 Web Redesign Project
Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

Starting off the new year, we're going to redesign many of our websites.

This redesign will affect most domains (Blazed Publishing being the first), with the aim of finalizing a common set of products and services, and designing with a consistent tone.

Some websites, which are currently only placeholders, will be updated to be dynamic sites with incurred costs. The costs will be covered by the profits from products and services we offer.

The websites targeted in this redesign are as follows:

  • Blazed Publishing (blazed.xyz) [This site]
  • Blazed Space (blazed.space)
  • Blazed Development (blazed.dev)
  • Blazed One (blz.one)
  • Beez Marketing (beez.top)
  • Blazed Contact (blazed.contact)
  • RTM Transit (rtmtransit.com)
  • Ruff Management (ruff-manage.com)

Look out for the changes and any updates on this blog post.