How to Build a Digital-First Business

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

In our modern age, digital computers have dominated the world of business. Managers and engineers are using technology in ways never imagined or fathomed, here we have created a list of just the most essential ways you can build a digital-first business.

  1. Setup Administration Core. Our core will be comprised of Google Workspaces, this will provide your business with a robust enterprise-single sign on, which can be leveraged in connected apps (and services such as Firebase). This will provide the business with management of users and basic email routing. If your business has many domains, you may need another provider such as CloudFlare to manage DNS records. Consult with your tech professional about setting up core infrastructure.
  2. Setup Communications. This includes additional email routing, telecommunications, instant messaging, etc. This layer allows for inter and intra company communications, and must not be neglected. You can use services like Twilio to handle phone calls and text messages, and even create automated systems. The communications layer also presents many other opportunities for leveraging business process automation. You might also want to spin-up a community site for your company, you can use tools like Tribe.
  3. Setup Accounting and Billing. Your business must manage its finance, and many times will be required to present accounting records, thus you should have a digital accounting system in place. You can use technologies such as QuickBooks for this.
  4. Setup company website(s). Your company will need to present itself and be findable through online searches. You can hire a developer, or use a website builder. One thing is for sure, your business cannot afford to neglect its web presence in this day and age.

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